Match Discovery

Handling match updates

Each game developer has two ways of learning about matches for each user, but only one may be used at a time. In short, either OkLetsPlay can push that data into the game's back-end using a single HTTP endpoint or the game's back-end can query the data from the OkLetsPlay back-end. The first option is preferable and most efficient for larger player populations.

Receiving push updates

To receive match updates pushed into the game's back-end, a game developer must furnish OkLetsPlay with a webhook URL. Once two or more teams have confirmed a match within OkLetsPlay, the funds are escrowed and the OkLetsPlay back-end contacts the game back-end to inform it of the new match via a PUT to the webhook URL. Should a game be aborted, due to error, the OkLetsPlay back-end will inform the game back-end of the cancellation via a DELETE to the webhook URL. The DELETE request is not implemented by OKLP API yet.

Webhook endpoint

The webhook endpoint must accept a JSON map containing a match stub. When the incoming method is a PUT, the game's back-end must store the match info in some persistent storage (such as a db). When the incoming method is a DELETE, which should not happen often, the match info should be removed from the persistent storage or archived.

Request example

curl \
  -X PUT \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  -H 'Authorization: Bearer ${XXX-secret-jwt}' \
  -d '{
    "match_id": "600f369851f450dd3ecb0035",
    "participants": [
        "id": "user_id_1",
        "team_id": "team_id_1"
        "id": "user_id_2",
        "team_id": "team_id_2"
    "teams": [
        "id": "team_id_1"
        "id": "team_id_2"
  }' \

Request data

  • match_idstringThe unique id for this match.
  • participantsarrayList of participants in the match.
    • idplatform-idThe platform id of the player.
    • team_idteam-idThe unique id of the player's team.
  • teamsarrayList of teams in the match.
    • idteam-idThe unique id for the team.


If the game's back-end doesn't return a200status, the match will be aborted.