Tournament Rules

OkLetsPlay Tournament Rules

Last Updated: January 01, 2023

OkLetsPlay has solely built and operates its proprietary esport tournament system which incorporates automated game set-up, launch of game instance and game results collection.

The following rules have been established to ensure all players are treated equally and fairly.

OkLetsPlay reserves the right to modify these rules to ensure the best tournament experience for all players.


Use Discord.

To contact tournament admins, raise your question in Discord and/or direct message a staff member You may also email [email protected] for assistance.


All players are personally responsible for the proper and safe use of OkLetsPlay’s Software and Services.

We may temporarily freeze or permanently ban players, close accounts and seize funds of those who violate OkLetsPlay’s community guidelines, rules of conduct, tournament rules, terms of service or who abuse email communications, support communications, the community, message board areas or other.

We reserve the right to cancel a tournament game or entire tournament prior to or after the tournament’s start if fraud or malicious activity is detected. If cancelled, tournament entry fees will immediately be returned to players.

We aim to keep a healthy competitive spirit. We ask that communications are kept respectful and clean.

  • Do not use or upload obscene, lewd, slanderous, pornographic, abusive, violent, insulting, indecent, threatening and harassing language of any kind, as determined by us in our sole discretion
  • Do not transmit or upload any copyrighted, or trademarked materials in messages or postings
  • You may not attempt to participate in any Service by means of automatic, macro, programmed, or similar method
  • Do not commit fraud with regard to any Service
  • Do not attempt to impersonate or deceive another user for the purposes of illicitly obtaining any Service, passphrases, account information etc. (aka “scamming”)
  • Do not share personal information (your name, phone number, home address, and passphrase) with other users in chat rooms, message boards, gameplay dialogue or via instant messages; OkLetsPlay is not responsible for information you choose to disclose to others


Players found to be in violation of community guidelines, rules of conduct or terms of service at any point prior to or during a tournament the player and or their team may be disqualified.

Violations may result in a player or team receiving a warning, probation, a fine applied against their balance or other. Severe violations or repeat violators of community guidelines, rule or terms of service may result in permanent ban from the app, account and funds may be seized and forfeited.


By entering a tournament, every player confirms they have reliable internet suitable for competitive gaming and ability to be online available for tournament gameplay for the entire duration of the tournament.

If a player or team loses a tournament game from an interruption in one or more players’ internet service, hardware failure or general distraction, the results are final. It is the responsibility of the player to ensure they are able to properly compete for the duration of the tournament.


Players and teams receive a 30 minutes-to-game check-in notification to the tournament start time; all players on a team must check-in before check-in clock expires.

Tournament entry is awarded to the first teams (max team count) to check-in.

Teams and players with paid entry who do not check-in in time and do not secure a tournament seat will have their entry fee 100% refunded.


In the event of a tie between two teams, the teams will replay the same game instance as many times as necessary until a victor is determined in-game or by team forfeiture of not readying up in time or manual forfeiture in-app.


Players may request a game review if a loss resulted from a factor beyond the player’s control such as opponent cheating, app or game server error. When opening a match dispute claim please provide dispute specifics and any supporting evidence.

All game disputes and grievance claims are reviewed and resolved on a case by case basis.

All player accounts associated with a dispute or grievance claim may be flagged and monitored to substantiate the claim, to find a quick resolution and prevent abuse of the match dispute claim system. During a claim investigation player accounts and funds may be frozen until the investigation is complete and a ruling is made.


If it is determined players are sharing their account with others to deceive opponents and or gain an unfair advantage, the shared account and balance may be frozen and forfeited.


If a server error occurs and the match is aborted, the match will be replayed. This process will repeat until the match has been successfully finished, with a victor determined, or a team has forfeit.


The game server, map and number of rounds played in each tournament game is determined by OkLetsPlay and presented to all prospective tournament players prior to the opening of tournament registration. Please review tournament details before registering.


Players will be notified by tournament admins of rule violations and any resulting action upon the rule violation becoming known and reviewed, which may be prior to the start of a tournament, during or after the tournament’s end.